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March 25, 2020

How are you doing in your quest to keep the appropriate social distance to fight Covid-19? 

I received an email from our Nationwide representative.  He wanted to share a few resources for me, my loved ones and my clients during these crazy times.  I liked the info so much that I am passing it along to you with the caveat - I did not personally use each link.  I clicked on each link and they did take you to the appropriate website.  Hope you find the information useful. 

Grocery Delivery Services:

Wal-Mart Grocery Delivery              

Amazon Prime Now Grocery Delivery

Food Delivery Services:

Uber Eats 




CDC’s Official Website for COVID-19 Updates:

Florida’s Official Website for COVID-19 Updates:

Tips for Working at Home:

Ideas and Free Educational Materials for Kids at Home:

Scholastic’s Free Learn at Home     

Khan Academy Free Learning          

Crash Course YouTube Channel      

I also wanted to reiterate a few points from a prior email plus I added more items to the “What should you do?” section.

What we do NOT know:

  1.  How long this will last or when the markets will recover
  2.  When the next 30% gain or 30% decline will commence 

What we do know: 

     1.  The economy had been showing tremendous strength before this current panic.
     2.  No person, investment adviser or government can consistently predict the future
     3.  The vast majority of mankind has a massive internal motivation to innovate, grow, work and succeed.
     4.  Good times in this world come and go, but the spirit of the human soul continues.
     5.  The past never guarantees the future. 

What should you do? 

  1.  If you have been implementing the comprehensive financial planning principles we have historically, currently and continually advocate, our advice is to do exactly what you were doing BEFORE this current panic showed up.
  2.  If you need cash, let us know and we will get you what you need.
  3.  If your long-term financial goals have not changed, we do not recommend changing your portfolio (from our perspective, the word “portfolio” includes the entirety of your financial resources: all accounts and products you own).
  4. If you have some additional cash, we should talk about deploying it along in here.
  5. If you find yourself home more than usual because of “social distancing”, shut off your electronic devices, spend time in real conversation with your family.  Cook as a family.  Make up some silly games and have family “Olympics”.  Do devotions as a family.  Make some memories.
  6. If you live alone, “partner” with someone else who lives alone with a commitment to check on each other frequently with a phone call or a text.  A phone call is better, because it does a heart good to hear the sound of another human besides the voice that comes from your TV set. 
  7. Don’t hoard.
  8. Don’t spend hours fixated on the news.  Limit your time on the TV.   If you miss the evening news – trust me – they will be covering the same thing first thing the next morning. 
  9. Live with hope and faith and gratitude.  Living with an attitude of gratitude will go a long way in keeping you healthy.
  10. Laugh.  A good belly laugh is great for reducing stress.
  11. Remember, this too shall pass.  As I read on a poster recently, it may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.  You will survive this.
  12. Exercise – it is good for your lungs and your mental health.  Coronavirus attacks your lungs.  Help protect yourself physically and emotionally with exercise that is appropriate for you.
  13. Eat well – I know it is easy to order in pizza and other comfort food, but, especially if you are NOT exercising, not eating well will most likely be a decision you will regret.
  14. Sleep well – sleep supports your immune system
  15. Keep a schedule – Structure is particularly important when you have kids – but it is important for you, too.  It is easy when you are working from home to not set boundaries.  Have work time, play time, and rest time in the appropriate proportions.
  16. If there are people you can’t call, text, skype, etc., send a card.  Let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers.
  17. Don’t worry.  Worry is to your body like putting sugar in a gas tank is to your automobile.  It will make you not work! 
  18. If you are suffering from depression, be sure to reach out to your doctor or therapist for help.

As always, please remember, you only have 168 hours to live your life this and every week.  Spend your 168 hours doing the things that only you can do – the things that are truly important to you.  Spend more time with the people you love.  (And tell them you love them, too.)  If you can’t do it in person, do it via skype or zoom.  Do activities to help improve your health and fitness and spiritual life.  Engage in activities that give joy to others (and see how much you benefit, too).  Laugh out loud.  Express your creativity.  Play a game.  Take a friend to lunch (or for the time being send them lunch via one of the food delivery services and do a skype or zoom meeting and eat lunch together).  Donate your time (if possible) or resources to a worthy charity.  Change your routine.  Live a high-performance life! 

If you have questions or concerns, PLEASE email me at, call me at 954-983-5600 Ext. 119, or text me at 954-880-3410.  My assistant, Danielle, can be reached at 954-983-5600 Ext. 154.  The physical office is closed but we are all working remotely.  I can set up a zoom meeting so we can be “face-to-face” from wherever we are.   If we don’t pick up your call instantly, please leave a message.  We promise to return your call as soon as possible. 

Stay safe and be well.