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The people who would benefit the most from working with Luana Mobley Corral are individuals who:

Live Their Life by Principles

Principles like honesty, integrity and hard work — to name just a few — are the foundation of everything that they do. They do not sacrifice principles for results… the ends never justify the means.

Know the Value of a Dollar

They have worked hard to earn, save and accumulate their money and if they didn’t say it out loud themselves, they share this sentiment: “Every dollar that I have is valuable to me. It came by the sweat of my brow and I risked everything I owned to start this business and keep it running. I don’t want to pay one more dollar in taxes than I am required.”

Believe Wealth is More than Money

They know that True Wealth has many dimensions — including personal, social, spiritual, human, and intellectual capital. They believe all wealth is worth preserving.

Relationships are more important than their money. Of course, they want to have enough to secure their own lifestyle, but they also desire to positively impact their family and their community.

Are Open to New Ideas

They know there is no monopoly on ideas, no corner on creativity; therefore, they approach new ideas with an open mind. Many have a reasonable plan and good advisors… yet, they want to move to the next level.

Know Strategy Trumps Tactics

Their experience has taught them the value of strategy first: aim before you fire. Even though strategy requires more time up front, it usually pays off handsomely in the long run.

Know What They Do Well

By implication, they know what they don’t do well.

Some try the “do-it-yourself route” with their money and often learn they know just enough to be dangerous, and, or, that the cost to delegate is typically less than what they can make doing what they really do best. In the end, they realize that they have only 168 hours to live their life each and every week and that their quality of life will likely be better if they spend their 168 hours doing the things that only they can do – the things that are really important to them.

Care about Value and Quality

They hire, respect and reward talented professionals and only work with people they enjoy.

Basically, they agree with John Ruskin, an English art critic of the Victorian era, who said “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.”

Are Willing to Pay an Annual Advisory Fee for Advice and Planning

Because, they want to live a high-performance life! They know they have only 168 hours to live their life this and every week, and, they want to spend their 168 hours doing the things that only they can do – the things that are really important to them. They want to spend more time with the people they love. They want to do activities to help improve their health and fitness and spiritual life. They want to engage in activities that give joy to others. They want to laugh out loud, express their creativity, play a game, take a friend to lunch, and donate their time to a worthy charity. They want the freedom to change their routine.

These Key Characteristics have been the foundation for every enduring relationship we have — and we look for them in everyone we work with — whether business owners, athletes, the retired or soon to be retired, families, or women on their own.

If these qualities resonate with you, I invite you to make an appointment for a conversation that is all about you. Its purpose is to give you clarity . . . about what’s important to you . . . about your financial goals that require time, money and planning to achieve . . . and about how you can use this information to make even smarter choices about your money for the rest of your life . . . whether you ever work with us or not. I want to assure you that the time we spend together is my gift to you. I gladly give it without any expectation in return. I can be reached at 954-983-5600 Ext. 119.

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