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Most people believe financial success is important, but many are never satisfied by it. They go through life feeling unfulfilled. Something is missing, but they can never pinpoint exactly what it is. Still, others do manage to find the secret.

During my career as a financial advisor, I've had the opportunity to personally interview hundreds of individuals, retirees and business owners. No matter what level of "success" some have achieved, over and over, I find that many have fallen short of their expectations. Why? The reason is simple. Most people think financial success is about the performance of their money. But it's not. It's about the performance of living their life on purpose, for the reasons that are important to them.

As Bill Bachrach says in his book Values-Based Financial Planning, "In the big picture, money is not that important. It's significant only to the extent that it allows you to enjoy what's important to you." Accumulating wealth for wealth's sake is like flying an airplane seeking to reach the horizon. You're always looking forward, but your "destination" is unattainable. As a result, you never get the feeling of accomplishment that is so desired. Some might even spend their time searching for a faster plane. But an F-16 flying at Mach 3 won't get you there either. The horizon, like "financial independence", is a mental construct. It has no definition and exists only in one's mind.

What if you clearly identified your values, transformed each value into a goal, envisioned a specific time and place to achieve it, and implemented an action plan to help you get there. And, finally, suppose you actually arrive at that specific place, at the desired time, and fully able to enjoy it. How would that change your outcome? You would be able to own the accomplishment, feel the satisfaction of attaining it and be comfortable living it with passion. This is the key to a high performance life - one that is fulfilled and satisfied.

Take a mental walk with me. What's most important to you, in your life? Think how valuable it would be to define what's important to you, prioritize the list, and then create a step-by-step action plan that addresses each of these objectives separately. Imagine the comfort you would experience in realizing your dreams, not worrying, and enjoying a life that truly inspires and excites you. Ask the question. Is it time to start living life on purpose?

My staff and I help our clients to create a personalized financial plan and then coach them to implement it with a comprehensive, step-by-step action strategy --- one that can truly help them to possibly achieve a higher level of financial independence and positively enhance their quality of life.

I work only with a select clientele. My clients choose to delegate their financial advisory duties because they place a high value on spending their time doing the things that are truly important to them. If you match the Client Profile posted on this website, contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation initial interview to explore the potential opportunities in working together.


Luana Mobley Corral, CFP®, CFS®, CLTC™, BFA™, CDFA™

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