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The address is 2699 Stirling Road, Suite A200, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312.

On the placard outside the door it says Associated Investor Services, Inc. and Associated Financial Consultants, Inc.

The office is south of 595, east of 441 and .8 miles west of I95 on Stirling Road (exit 22 on I95), located on the N.E. corner or North Park Road and Stirling Road. On the N.W. corner is CVS Pharmacy. 

The numbers on the South side of Stirling Road (Hollywood) are different than the numbers on the North side of Stirling Road (Ft. Lauderdale), so as you travel on Stirling from either the East of the West, when you are looking for 2699 - look to the North side of the street!

If you plug the address into your GPS and you are traveling East on Stirling, it is likely that your GPS will tell you to turn right (South) on N. Park Road. That would be WRONG! You go left (North) on N. Park Road, and then immediately make a right hand turn into the parking lot. Park where you can see the CVS. From my office window, I see the CVS Pharmacy across the street.

The building is in a “U” shape. We are in the “A” part of the building (Suite A200) which is the leg of the “U” that runs parallel to N. Park Road - There are elevators and staircases at either end of the “leg” to get you up to the second floor. 

If you have any questions, please call me. The office is (954) 983-5600 Ext. 119.